Interactive Carts

Test your knowledge of which materials go in your blue recycling, green compost and black garbage carts. Click and drag an item to the cart you believe it goes into and see if you are right!

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Animal Waste Black Plastic Diaper Flimsy Plastic Incandescent Lightbulb Juice Box Plastic Bag Toys (Broken) Snack Wrapper Packing Peanuts Plastic Utensils Polystyrene Plate Potato Chip Bag Rubberband Mirror (Broken) Juice Pouch Glass Jar Aluminum Foil Cardboard (Flattened) Cardboard Milk Carton Detergent bottle Pie Tin Yogurt Container (Empty) Water Bottle Newspaper Tin Can Magazines Soda Can Junk Mail Shampoo Bottle (Empty) Plastic Milk Jug Glass Bottle Yard Trimmings Tea Bag Pizza Box Paper Towel Paper Takeout Container Egg Shell Food Soiled Paper Napkin Hamburger Meat Paper Cup Paper Egg Carton Corn Cob Coffee Filter Cheese Bones Banana Peel Apple Core


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