Top 5 Compost Misconceptions

Do you know what is and is not accepted in our compost program? We recently surveyed people in the RethinkWaste community to find out what they know. And we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 compost misconceptions.

  1. Pizza boxes – 43% of those surveyed knew which bin pizza boxes go in. While pizza boxes are made of cardboard, most end up with oil or cheese remnants. Cardboard that’s come in contact with food is now ‘food-soiled paper,’ which means pizza boxes go into the COMPOST.
  2. Disposable paper coffee cups – Only 56% of those surveyed knew where to correctly put their paper coffee cups. This item when completely made from paper is also considered ‘food-soiled paper’ and goes into the COMPOST.
  3. Pet waste – About 59% of those surveyed thought that they could throw pet waste into their compost cart. We send all of our compost to industrial composting facilities that sell the finished product to farmers, landscapers, and vineyards, and they do not want pet waste in their soil. Some of the finished product even gets sent back to the Shoreway Environmental Center, where residents can pick up compost, at no cost! So, remember to put pet waste in the GARBAGE.
  4. Food-soiled napkins and paper towels – One may think these items go into the recycling since they are paper, but food-soiled napkins and paper towels go into the compost cart! Only 67% of those surveyed knew where these items go. Remember all paper products that come in contact with food is ‘food-soiled paper’ and belongs in the COMPOST.
  5. Produce stickers – Although produce stickers seem like they would break down into compost, they do not because there is plastic in the sticker. Remember to peel those produce stickers off and throw them in the GARBAGE!

Have a question about what does or doesn’t belong in your green compost bin? Shoot us a note below!

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