3 Simple Tips to be Plastic Free this July and Beyond

The month of July is “Plastic Free July!” Help be part of the solution to single-use plastic pollution with these three simple tips on how to be a part of this growing movement!

  1. Skip the produce bag. While California has banned the single-use bag from check out, those pesky produce bags are flimsy and can easily carry with wind. Most produce has a protective layer and those that don’t, have no need to be in a flimsy throwaway bag. Refuse the bag while our shopping OR purchase reusable produce bags. They come in many sizes and materials.
  2. Go for a reusable cup. Yes, we all have reusable water bottles, but what about that cup of coffee, boba tea or juice? Keep an extra cup or mug at work, in your car or in your backpack so you always have on hand when you’re getting that afternoon pick me up!
  3. Bring your own utensils. For those on the go, refuse the single-use plastic utensils and bring your own. Investing in a set of reusable utensils such as those made of bamboo can help save possibly millions from piling up in landfills as these items are difficult to recycle and thus not accepted in our recycling program.

Have other ideas on how to reduce plastic use? Share them with us!